Aging in Place and ADA Home Remodels

Whether you’re getting older or are living with a disability, you may find that changes to your home are necessary for your comfort and safety. At Straight Line Construction, we have extensive experience with aging in place remodeling and ADA compliant remodeling. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and make sure your space is perfectly suited to them.
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What is Aging in Place and ADA?

Aging in place remodeling is a type of home renovation that improves accessibility and safety so that you may remain in your home as you age, rather than moving into a senior living facility. This option allows you to continue enjoying the comfort and privacy of your home as you age with less risk of accidental injury.

ADA compliant remodeling is focused on increasing accessibility and mobility. The standards set for housing by the Americans with Disabilities Act must be met in this type of remodel. Unlike in commercial projects, meeting ADA compliance is not required for private residences. However, it is becoming a more popular remodel as more disabled homeowners seek to improve their day-to-day lives.

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Reasons to remodel your home for ADA and Aging in Place

    To Plan Ahead

    If you’re already remodeling your home, it doesn’t hurt to increase its accessibility. If you plan to grow old in your home, this is a good way to ensure you can continue to enjoy it for years to come.

    To Stay at Home

    If you’re faced with the fear or even the reality of an accident in your home, you may be considering moving. An aging in place or ADA compliant remodel are great ways to ensure that your home is safe for you, so that you can stay in the home you love.

    woman helping older couple redesign their home

    It’s A Good Investment

    When designed to be universally appealing, ADA compliance and aging in place renovations are a great way to add value to your home. Wider walkways and walk-in showers are enjoyed by all and open your home up to the market of people who do require those amenities.

    Peace of Mind for You & Your Family

    Improving your safety at home is not only good for your peace of mind, but your family’s too. Everyone can rest easy knowing that you’re in a home that is suited to your needs.

    How do I make my home accessible?

    An aging in place or ADA remodel will look different for every home. It all depends on the current layout and amenities of your home, and if you have any specific needs that should be catered to. During your consultation, our team will work with you to understand what the remodel will look like for you.

    How do you remodel your home for aging in place?

    77% of adults 50 and older want to remain in their homes for the long term, but 71% said their home has inside and outside accessibility issues. An aging in place remodel works to address those issues so that you can feel comfortable staying in your home long term.

    Some common projects for an aging in place remodel:

    • EIncreasing clearance throughout the home
    • EZero-entry showers and grab bars
    • ERubber flooring or anti-slip tiles in the bathroom
    • EInstall a swing wall oven (that opens from the side like a cabinet, rather than being pulled down)
    • EImproving cabinetry for ease of use
    • EAdding more lighting
    • ECurbless entry to the home

    How do you remodel your home to be handicap accessible?

    While your specific disability will dictate how you want to remodel your home, the American Disability Act outlines the requirements for ADA compliance.

    How do you remodel your home to be handicap accessible?

    These include:

    • EExtra wide doorways and clearance throughout the home
    • EDoors that swing outward to allow a wheelchair or walker to fit through
    • EEven thresholds that wheelchairs can navigate over and prevent tripping
    • EUpdate all door knobs to lever handles
    • EEnsure light switches can be accessed from a wheelchair
    • EAdd anti-slip flooring
    • EZero-entry showers and grab bars
    • EDoor locks that can be opened from the outside in case of emergency
    • EEntry ramps

    Example of Aging in Place & ADA Remodels for your home

    Ready to see some examples of highly functional, beautiful remodels? Browse below to see the different accessibility remodels completed by Straight Line Construction.

      Bathroom Remodel Gallery


      For those 65+, 80% of falls occur within the bathroom, which is why this is such a key area to focus on. One of the most important steps to avoiding an accident is ensuring that the shower is safe. Adding a zero entry, curbless, or roll-in shower will help remove tripping hazards. Grab bars should be strategically added throughout the bathroom, and non-slip flooring should be used to further prevent injury. Keep in mind however that the remodel isn’t entirely about function – it’s also about upgrading the style of your space.
      Older gentle man cooking in an accessible kitchen


      In the kitchen, it’s critical to prevent burns and cuts while improving ease of use. We recommend ovens that open from the side so that food doesn’t need to be lifted over the hot door, which anyone can appreciate. Upgrade your cabinetry to easily reach anything with lazy susans, pull out shelves, and pull down shelves. For aging in place and ADA remodels, it’s also critical that the kitchen is well lit to prevent injuries from falling or using cooking tools. For this reason, automatic lighting and under cabinet lighting is recommended.


      Bedroom remodels are all about making sure that you have the space that you need to easily navigate your room. Maximizing clearance and avoiding awkward angles is key. You’ll want to make sure that your closet is easily accessible, and may elect to use pull down closet rods. For flooring, avoid rugs or carpet, as this may cause unforeseen obstructions while navigating a wheelchair.

      General Home

      There are some changes that will likely be consistent throughout your home. These include things like 36” clearances, grab bars throughout the home, lever door handles, and increased lighting. You may also decide to use a flooring such as vinyl that provides great traction while being forgiving in the event of a fall.

      How do I get started with my remodel?

      Ready to learn more about what an aging in place or ADA compliant remodel would look like for your home? The professionals at Straight Line Construction are here to help. Give us a call or text us at (352) 453-9609, or visit our Ocala or Gainesville/Alachua showrooms for a consultation.

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