Clever Storage Solutions to Maximize Kitchen Space

One of the most common complaints about kitchens is that they are too small—and with that—there’s not enough storage. Pots, pans, small appliances, food, dishes, cutlery . . . the list goes on.

You can opt for a full-scale remodel and enlarge the square footage of your kitchen, or you can renovate your kitchen using clever storage solutions that will make your kitchen look sleeker and feel bigger.

Straight Line Construction

Who wouldn’t love an island in their kitchen? But a peninsula is often a better choice for smaller spaces—it adds what you need it to add without taking up too much room. Another solution is to select decor that does double duty. Open shelving is one way to achieve a decorative element while also adding handy storage.

It’s important to use all the “dead space” in your kitchen. And for this, cabinets are key!

If there’s a corner, build a corner cabinet with interior circular shelving inside that rotates 360-degrees for your convenience. Even if there’s only six inches of available space not being utilized, build a slim pull-out larder for additional storage and easy access.

Pro Tip: The borders are wider on cheaper cabinets, so you have less room to get items in and out. Nicer cabinets offer wider face frames so you don’t lose as much space.

Meet George Purvis, Straight Line’s Cabinet Expert! George is happy to sit down with clients and discuss the type of cabinets and options they envision for their project. Then George and the rest of the SLC team get to work bringing the vision to life!

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Cool Countertops with Functional Options

With so many storage solutions to choose from, don’t forget the countertops!

When it comes to countertops, there are so many materials, designs, and textures to choose from. Want functionality? Order butcher block. Want to give your kitchen a luxurious upgrade? Go with quartz or all-natural granite. Prized for their durability and beautiful textures, these popular countertops bring elegance and artistry to your kitchen.

Quartz and granite countertops both showcase the beauty and durability of natural stone, and they often look similar. The difference is that granite comes from a natural slab of stone while quartz is a man-made composite of ground quartzite rocks and resin.

The granite used for your countertop is mined from a quarry in one large piece. Before it comes to your home, it is cut to size, polished to a beautiful shine, and sealed. Granite countertops often feature gorgeous movement and unique patterns. They are also extremely durable and may be less expensive than quartz depending on the piece you choose.

Quartz countertops consist of ground stones mixed with resin. Like granite, a quartz countertop is highly durable, and it is easy to maintain. Because quartz countertops are man-made, however, they come in a much wider variety of colors, patterns, and textures than you’ll find with granite.

Both quartz and granite are beautiful choices and are also:

  • Heat Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Scratch & Crack Resistant
  • Resistant to Mold & Bacteria
  • Easy to Clean
  • No Maintenance

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What Are Your Kitchen Goals?

The goal is to find the countertop that fits the look and style of your home and also offers functionality for your family. If your crew likes to eat at a breakfast bar instead of a sit-down formal table, an island with a gorgeous countertop and plenty of space for dining is perfect. Plus, an island adds more storage space to the kitchen—and even an extra sink or cooking surface if you want to go all out.

Keep in mind that kitchen remodeling costs vary based on the scope of the renovation. For example, changing your layout with a wall removal and plumbing relocation will cost more than just updating your countertops.

Before you meet with a company or try to obtain bids on your project, create a budget and make a list of priorities for your kitchen remodel. Choose a construction team that’s experienced with kitchen remodeling, so they’ll be able to provide accurate cost estimates based on your goals. And, of course, pick the team that will provide quality craftsmanship and materials and keep you in the communication loop throughout the process. After all, it’s your project, and your house!

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Upgrade Your Kitchen, Upgrade Your Life

Kitchen renovations aren’t just about the latest countertop trends and new appliances. The storage upgrades you make in your kitchen will improve your daily home experience and give you one more reason to host family and friends. View more storage ideas and create a luxury kitchen you can’t wait to show off!

Straight Line Construction takes pride in sticking to our client’s construction budgets. We work strategically to make the most out of your kitchen remodel budget and give you a kitchen you’ll love.

Our team of experienced construction professionals have over 12 years of experience completing kitchen renovations. We can guide you through current kitchen remodel trends, help you achieve the right feel with interior design suggestions, and take care of everything you need for a full kitchen makeover—including clever storage solutions that will maximize your space.

With Straight Line, functionality is at the forefront so that all the components in your kitchen play well together. Our experienced cabinet designers study the ergonomics of how you use your kitchen, so the end result is harmonious. For example, ranges and dishwashers will never be placed in a corner, or any space where an open door would prohibit easy access to the appliance or other kitchen necessities.

Call or text us anytime at (352) 453-6909 for your free renovation consultation.