Quartz and Granite

Update your kitchen with a gorgeous quartz or granite countertop
Quartz and Granite Kitchen Countertops

Give your kitchen a luxurious upgrade with a new quartz or granite countertop. Prized for their durability and beautiful textures, these popular countertops will bring elegance and artistry to your kitchen.

Choose from all-natural granite or modern quartz designs that fit the look and style of your home. If you need help deciding which option is right for you, our team of experienced design professionals will walk you through your options so you feel confident with your selection!

Types of Quartz and Granite

The type of quartz or granite countertop you choose will depend on your budget, design style, preferences, and maintenance expectations. Both quartz and granite are durable and elegant choices with a wide variety of available colors and textures.

We offer a broad selection of countertop options, from budget-friendly, low-maintenance quartz to luxury, stain-protected granite. Talk to one of our design experts or visit our showroom to see samples!

What Is the Difference Between Quartz and Granite?

Quartz and granite countertops both showcase the beauty and durability of natural stone, and they often look similar. The difference is that granite is made from a single slab of stone while quartz is a man-made composite of ground quartz rocks and resin.

The granite used for your countertop is mined from a quarry in one large slab. Before it comes to your home, it is cut to size and polished to a beautiful shine. Granite countertops often feature gorgeous marbling and unique patterns. They are also extremely durable and may be less expensive than quartz depending on the piece you choose. 

Quartz countertops consist of ground stones mixed with resin. Like granite, a quartz countertop is highly durable, and it is easy to maintain. Because quartz countertops are man-made, however, they come in a much wider variety of colors, patterns, and textures than you’ll find with granite.

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Our Quartz and Granite Brands

At Straight Line Construction, we’re proud to give you a variety of options for every surface, fixture, and accent. Choose from renovation products from the best manufacturers, all in one place. With high standards of quality and workmanship, we offer the best brands available for every budget. If we don’t have the perfect product for your renovation, we’ll help you find the ideal match for your desired home design.

Inspired by the beauty of natural stone, Pompeii Quartz has mastered the creation of a surface that reflects a fresh, natural look and compliments a modern lifestyle. Their products are recognized for their beauty, quality and effortless care. Their extensive color palette and variety of patterns and styles are sure to be the solution to all of your creative design projects.

Essential Cabinetry Group offers a full line of full access, framed, and inset cabinetry at the stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinetry price points. Each Essential Cabinetry Group brand offers a unique solution, while sharing a similar history of craftsmanship, styling, and flexibility. Working together, their Essential Cabinetry brands leverage product synergies, intellectual talent, and buying power while still exhibiting a “small company” mentality. Essential Cabinetry Group brands are all proudly made in the USA.

Quantum Quartz has been importing the finest materials produced by highly qualified craftsmen with the latest techniques in the quartz industry creating a surface of superior durability and performance. Majority of our engineered stone is made using the very latest technology of Breton Spa of Italy, the pioneers and patent-holders of key manufacturing processes that enable the production of a man-made stone with qualities that actually exceed natural stone.

Silestone is the hybrid surface of premium minerals, quartz and recycled materials more advanced and sustainable on the market, manufactured with the exclusive and innovative HybriQ® technology.

Features of Your Quartz or Granite Countertop

Heat Resistant Countertop

Heat Resistant

Ensure the long life of your countertop with heat-protected granite or quartz options.

Stain Resistant Countertops

Stain Resistant

Special stain-resistant protection keeps your quartz countertop looking gorgeous for years! These upscale products will withstand spills and drips for long-lasting style.

Scratch and Crack Resistant Countertop

Scratch and Crack Resistant

Your countertops should be functional as well as beautiful. These durable, low-maintenance quartz and granite options will resist chips, scratches, cracks, and abrasions.

Countertop Resistant to Mold and Bacteria

Resistant to Mold and Bacteria

Choose from a broad range of high-quality quartz and granite countertops that are easy to clean and resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Easy to Clean Kitchen Countertop

Easy to Clean

Keep your countertops shining with minimal effort! Easy-to-clean, stain-resistant options help you design a kitchen you can be proud of.

Low Maintenance Kitchen Countertops

Low Maintenance

Keep maintenance to a minimum with durable, non-absorbent countertops that won’t stain, scratch, or crack.

Visit Our Quartz and Granite Showroom in Gainesville/ Alachua and Ocala

Visit our Gainesville and Ocala showrooms to see samples of quartz and granite countertops for your DIY kitchen or bathroom renovation. We’ll show you a range of styles and colors that meet your needs, budget, and style preferences.
Quartz and Granite Countertop Showroom in Gainesville and Ocala
Free Quartz and Granite Countertop Consultation

Free Quartz and Granite Consultation

Schedule a free consultation with our experienced design team to talk through your budget and style preferences. We’ll show you quartz and granite countertops that fit your needs and help you make the right selection!

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