Why You Should Skip Particle Board in Your Kitchen Cabinets

When renovating your kitchen, changing out your cabinets can feel like a breath of fresh air. Particle board cabinets tend to be more affordable, giving you more budget for the rest of your renovation. But does particle board stand up to everyday use in your kitchen? In this article, we’ll dive into why particle board is a poor choice for kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

What Is Particle Board?

Particle board is a man made wood product that combines wood chips and resin. It’s affordable, abundant, and not a bad option when strength and appearance aren’t a factor. Particle board can often be dressed up with a wood veneer or painted to cover up the wood chip pattern. The main weaknesses of particle board are its lack of strength and susceptibility to moisture.


Why You Should Avoid Particle Board Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets see a lot of action: moisture from not-quite-dry dishes, plenty of opening and closing, and heavy stacks of dinnerware. The ideal kitchen cabinets are sturdy, resistant to moisture, and a perfect match for your interior design style. Particle board doesn’t check off any of these requirements. In fact, there are a number of reasons why it’s a poor choice in kitchen cabinets.

  • Particle board is susceptible to warping from moisture. Regular humidity or exposure to water can cause particle board to expand and change shape. The outer wood veneer that makes particle board cabinets look their best might even split in areas. Steam and moisture are common near stoves, dishwashers, and other appliances, making particle board a poor choice for use in the kitchen.
  • Daily wear and tear may show on particle board cabinets. With less durability than plywood, particle board is likely to show some signs of damage with regular use.
  • Stronger woods are ideal for supporting heavy loads. Particle board lacks the natural strength of solid wood. It’s not the best choice for supporting heavy loads, including stacked plates and other heavy kitchenware.
  • Particle board cabinets have a shorter lifespan. With easy-to-see wear and tear, the inability to support bulky appliances, and the likelihood of warping from moisture, particle board cabinets won’t hold up for very long.

In short, particle board is not ideal for use in kitchen cabinets due to its lack of durability, susceptibility to moisture, and inability to support heavy loads. Only use particle board when affordability is most important or when you don’t have many appliances near your cabinetry. If you install particle board cabinets, be mindful of their limitations to extend their lifespan.

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What Materials Should I Use In Kitchen Cabinets?

A popular alternative to particle board is using plywood for you cabinet boxes, which has the durability required to withstand daily use and kitchen humidity. To give your cabinets a beautiful finish that adds to your kitchen’s interior design, choose cabinet doors in a natural wood you love.

Why you should choose plywood for your cabinet boxes: Plywood is created by stacking thin layers of wood together with adhesives. The alternating grain between layers makes this a strong, durable, and long-lasting material compared to particle board.

Choices of wood on your cabinet doors: To solidify the look of your cabinets, choose cabinet doors that complement the rest of your kitchen! With so many finish options to choose from, you’re sure to find something you love to customize your plywood cabinets. Options include:

  • Cherry: A naturally orange-tinted wood that can be stained to create rich, warm colors.
  • Clear alder: A light, neutral choice to keep your kitchen feeling bright and cheery.
  • Maple: This light, cream-colored wood keeps your kitchen feeling modern and open.
  • Oak: Medium brown in color, this wood is a respected standard in building materials.
  • Knotty alder: Knots in these trees add a beautifully imperfect, natural finish to this wood. An excellent choice for rustic or farmhouse-inspired interior design.
  • Walnut: A cool brown wood that sets the tone for a cozy or cabin-inspired cooking space.
  • Quarter sawn oak: Uniquely cut, quarter sawn oak has a more dramatic pattern of flecks and rays than a traditional grain. This method makes for more structurally sound wood planks.
  • Engineered wood: Man-made from real and scrap wood, engineered wood can be a variety of colors and textures.

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