Design Inspiration for a Farmhouse-Style Home Remodel

Historically, a farmhouse was a building used for family quarters in a rural setting, with a space for animals nearby called a housebarn. This basic design of domestic architecture has been in the United States since the 1700s. When it comes to today’s home remodels, the farmhouse-style is a top choice.

Ayn Monique Klahre writes for Bob Villa, “A well-built farmhouse will never go out of style. The rustic interior offers old-fashioned beauty, while the views of rolling hills and lush forests provide tranquility. What’s more, many of these renovated farmhouses offer modern details, from open living spaces to luxurious master bathrooms.”

Why Do People Like FarmHouses?

Many of today’s homebuyers want that rustic, down-home look without having to sacrifice modern amenities and conveniences. They want the feeling of days gone by—with the idyllic landscape and the pace of country living—but with all the creature comforts they can’t do without.

And this is why so many people are choosing to buy or build a modern farmhouse style, where they can have the best of both worlds—yesteryear’s aesthetic with today’s touch.

You can even remodel your current home so the exterior resembles that of a farmhouse, while adding farmhouse features and design touches throughout the interior. Read on to learn how.

That was then, this is now

Types of Modern Farmhouses

At some point in your life has someone asked you, “What? Were you raised in a barn?” And they meant you were acting wild and unruly; you know, like a farm animal. But these days, it’s quite trendy to be raised in a — well, not a barn, per se, but — in a farmhouse.

Here are 7 common farmhouse styles:

  • Industrial Farmhouse
  • Coastal Farmhouse
  • Scandinavian Farmhouse
  • Modern Farmhouse
  • Rustic Farmhouse
  • French or Country Farmhouse
  • Colonial or Traditional Farmhouse

The type of farmhouse you choose will determine the exterior architecture, as well as the interior design style.

While all farm houses designed today utilize rustic elements, a classic style will lean a bit more toward vintage furniture and darker colors; a modern style will opt for lighter colors—with pastels and lighter woods.

Sliding Doors

Farmhouse Sliding Doors

One of the most distinguishing design elements of the farmhouse style is the sliding door, meant to resemble a barn door that opens easily to let large farm equipment and animals pass through. These sliding barn doors are just about everywhere these days, whether the entire home is farmhouse architecture or not. While they are versatile enough to be used in any room and in a variety of ways (storage access, closet doors, etc.).

Are sliding barn doors more expensive?

A sliding barn door might initially cost more than a swinging door, but it might last longer, free up more functional space, and provide a higher quality door. They are also less expensive than adding a pocket door in an existing space.

Do barn doors increase home value?

We can’t promise an exact value sliding barn doors will add to a home, but a recent study by Zillow showed that when sliding barn doors were included in the listing, homes sold for 13.4% more than the asking price on average. That sounds like a good ROI to us!

Do barn doors give enough privacy?

Because there’s a gap between the door and the wall (which is necessary for the door to slide without making contact with the wall or door trim), a sliding barn door will not have the same amount of privacy as a traditional swinging door. But! There are a few different barn door lock styles (such as a hook and eye latch or a tear drop latch) that can add privacy.

Bathroom Vanities, Wood Bathroom with Freestanding Tub

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Farmhouse Bathroom Vanities and Features

There are a variety of modern farmhouse bathroom ideas that are timeless, so inspiration abounds. Find a look that strikes your fancy and meets the needs of the household.

The distinctive features of modern farmhouse bathrooms include decor and finishes such as:

  • big farmhouse-style sinks
  • freestanding bathtubs
  • shiplap walls
  • vintage-style sconces and pendant lighting
  • wood ceiling beams
  • simple window treatments such as half curtains or painted shutters
  • neutral colors like white, beige, and gray are clean and calming
  • traditional style faucets in aged brass or copper finishes
  • wood sink vanities and accents

Local Farmhouse Remodel Companies

For a local team of licensed professionals you can trust to transform your home into a beautiful farmhouse with all the trimmings, contact the experts at Straight Line today.