The 3-Step Construction Process for Remodeling Your House

Renovating your home is as easy as 1-2-3!

What stops homeowners from creating a home that they love? Often, we put off completing renovations to our homes because the process just seems too frustrating. Straight Line Construction knows how difficult renovating your home can be; it’s why we’re dedicated to bringing customer service to the construction industry. We take the guesswork out of remodels and help our clients have a positive renovation experience. Our straightforward construction process lets you call the shots on your renovation while we take care of all the complicated steps in between. With just 3 steps on your end, you’ll have a renewed love for your newly customized home!

Step 1: Free Renovation Consultation

Meet with us over Zoom or in person!
To start the renovation process, we need to know what projects you have in mind for your home. Bathroom and kitchen remodels are our most popular renovations, but we’re happy to assist with anything from home additions to whole home remodels. We’ll talk about your vision, the scope of your project, and your budget. We know how important your renovation budget is to the success of your project. Straight Line Construction is committed to getting you the most renovation for your budget. With our experienced and talented crew, we’re able to use strategic planning to keep labor and material costs down. We’ll always be realistic about what we can provide at your budget, and we’ll be ready to communicate a solution if any unforeseen expenses come up. During the renovation consultation phase, we’ll also be taking some time to get to know your design taste. Our showroom staff and construction project managers can help guide you to the perfect combination of style and practicality. Contact us to schedule your free renovation consultation, in person or remotely via Zoom!

Step 2: Planning & Materials

Decide on the details with the help of interior design experts.

Now comes the fun part! At our Gainesville or Ocala showrooms you’ll choose from a variety of materials to include in your renovation. Our home concierge experts will walk you through your options and make recommendations based on your design preferences and budget. If you don’t find the perfect cabinets or shower tile in our showroom, don’t worry! Our dedicated staff will help you find just what you’re looking for. With Straight Line Construction, you’ll never have to sacrifice the results. We know it’s our job to give you the perfect renovation and the best experience!

Step 3: Sit Back and Enjoy Your Renovation!

With a construction concierge, you can be as involved as you want to be.

In the final step, Straight Line Construction works our magic to let you fall in love with your home! During the actual construction process, you can choose how involved you’d like to be. Sit back while your renovation comes together or join us on the job to provide real time feedback! During every part of the construction process, we’ll communicate proactively in a way you can understand. It’s our job to break down the construction lingo and keep you in the know. You’ll always be up to speed on what’s going on with your renovation and what you can expect next. As a construction concierge, we give you the undivided attention of our team during your renovation and handle every step of the construction process.

Let’s Get Started!

At Straight Line Construction, we believe that home renovations shouldn’t be a hassle. With experts helping you through the process and keeping you informed, we know that you’ll love the renovation process as much as you’ll love the final results! It all starts with a free consultation to discuss what your dream home looks like. Schedule yours today!