What To Do Before Hiring An Interior Designer

Need some help with deciding on the design of your home renovation? Before you hire an interior designer, consider whether doing so is the right option for your home renovation. While they can bring great recommendations to your renovation, interior design is only one part of the process of renovating your home.Hiring an interior designer can help you nail down the perfect renovation plan but you’ll still need to put in the time to make those plans a reality. If you’d like to have your interior design planned and executed in one smooth process, an all-inclusive construction company like Straight Line Construction is a better match for you.

Decide How Involved You’d Like To Be

Some people want to be very hands-on in their home renovation process. Others want to define their goals and have the process handled for them. When considering hiring an interior designer, you’ll need to ask them how they work and see if it aligns with your desired process.

If you’re not sure about how to find a match, you may want to consider renovating with Straight Line Construction! We let you be as involved as you’d like to be. Our interior designers are part of a larger team that works to make your vision come to life! You’ll benefit from our home design recommendations, expert project management, and proactive communication throughout the renovation process.

Consider How Contractors Will Be Selected

Interior designers devote their time to staying up-to-date on current trends, understanding pricing for different items, and putting together ideas based on a client’s design style. They might not be as helpful when it comes to selecting and managing subcontractors who will make their vision come to life. You should ask your interior designer if they have local subcontractors they’d recommend. But be aware, a recommendation is usually as much as they’re able to offer.

When you work with Straight Line Construction, you get the design decision-making you’d expect from an interior designer plus a professional team you can trust to complete your renovation. Our staff includes everyone needed to complete a great home renovation – from a showroom manager that walks you through product samples to project managers that ensure your renovation goes smoothly.

Ask About How They’ll Prioritize Your Budget

Budget is the main limiting factor in home renovations, determining what elements you can include and how much labor you can afford. You’ll need to ask your interior designer about what they can accomplish with your budget and what items they’d prioritize. Keep in mind that your budget will need to include their time and the cost of hiring subcontractors.

An interior designer may not be knowledgeable about labor costs or might ask you to set a separate budget for hiring subcontractors. Straight Line Construction simplifies budgeting by handling all parts of your renovation. With our experience in renovations, dedicated team, and industry relationships, we’ll maximize your budget without asking you to do any accounting work yourself.

Is Hiring An Interior Designer The Right Decision For You?

An interior designer isn’t necessary for home renovations. Interior design is just one piece of a larger renovation puzzle. When you hire an interior designer to help make decisions about your renovations, you may open yourself to frustrations from hiring subcontractors, keeping a timeline together, and dealing with unexpected problems.

Straight Line Construction provides interior design services as part of an entire home renovation package. As your construction concierge, we’ll guide you through every part of the construction process from defining your inspiration to putting together a design to walking you through your upgraded rooms! We coordinate all parts of your renovation so you can be as involved as you’d like. It all starts with a free consultation: Contact us today to get started!